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I believe life needs art. We need dreamers, makers, creators, poets, lovers, and genuine humans of all types to fill up the dark corners of the world with their own brand of amazing. We need the courage to rebel against norms, resist status quos, and vandalize the universe with deep, soulful beauty. So I'm doing my best to brave the void (yikes) and put my self out there in the hopes of inspiring others along the way. Read Lisa's Bio Here.


Paint & Rave: Adventures in Pigment and Pugnacity

Internationally selling artist, Lisa Barbero, casually paints in her home studio while blathering on about the diverse things that pop into her head. It's raw, barely edited, and completely authentic.

Stars for Eyes: A Podcast By Lisa Barbero
Mixing a love of art, random thoughts, moments from life, and the occasional cat noise, Stars for Eyes is meant to be listened to as raw, real, sometimes awkward, and sort of abstract auditory art. A lot of people are managing to get themselves heard these days. Why not me? Why not you?