Ronnie and Delia Fabric Collection

It might not be obvious, but I'm a sucker for lace and rose-covered wall paper. I also adore 70s kitchen patterns - those orange and olive things that used to be on the tea towels and pot holders in my kitchen growing up. Weird, I used to think they were so ugly when I was little. Anyway, I just love all that stuff that has a way of reminding us of old cottages and our grannies. I think the designs in the Ronnie & Delia Collection (as well as the Cal & Lily Collection) are my way of paying homage to those timeless styles. While somewhat traditional, I think they also feel modern (especially on an iPhone case) and all together different. They're my take on classic and vintage ideas, using organic patterns and color palettes that I hope are unique in their own way.

Yes, these designs are available for license! 

Fabric available at Spoonflower
Grab the awesome patchwork bag above at Society 6