Free Print/Poster Mock-up

So I was on the search for .psd mock up templates the other day and couldn't find a single one that I liked that wasn't super expensive or linked to some spammy browser hijacking stuff. It's really bizarre actually. So, I made my own. I've kept the style that I'm using on my own site/shop to myself but these variations are up for grabs for anyone who needs them or who would like to play with them. And they're free.

Details: .zip file includes one .psd file with many layers that can be arranged, hidden, changed, etc. to your specifications. Layers include everything you need to create the 5 styles below. Just control V (paste) your 600x750px image into the right layer and you're done. You can also play with different shadows and 2 different natural light simulating layers.

Terms: This mock-up template is completely without strings if used for personal use (no selling, claiming, or distributing). However, if you use this template to sell your prints or posters you must leave a link to or on the page where these items are being sold. For instance, if you have an Etsy shop where you sell your artwork, it's required that you leave a link to my shop ( in your shop announcement section. It can be near the bottom and out of the way, but it still needs to be there. If you're really feeling nice, you can leave a link to my shop on each listing, but that's totally optional (but super sweet).

Logo: The logo included in the template is a completely optional layer and you can feel free to hide it in your final image regardless of whether you're selling your work with the template or just showing it off for personal reasons.