Re-opening the Blog & New Abstract Series

So yeah, I've decided to pull the old blog posts out of deactivation and maybe start putting new posts up as time allows. I'm not necessarily going to write a ton, but updates on the shop and the art may pop up from time to time. For now, bare with me as I clean the place up a little and make sure everything is in its place. Pages may look a bit strange for a short time, but I'm working on it.

Besides all of that, I've got a new series up in the shop. There are at least 14 so far in the collection but they're not all listed yet. Check 'em out.

This series is named LOMO for a few reasons. Well, only one really, but it works on a few different levels. First, the acronym L.O.M.O. stands for “land of my own”. For me this is not only about the literal fact that these images start as photographic landscapes, but it also symbolizes a head space - an emotional landscape we all carry with us. I also get a little kick out of knowing that lomo is short for lomography, which can be loosely defined (without getting too deeply into the history behind the movement) as a type of photography where color is emphasized. And these pieces are super infused with color. But…

“If you are moved only by the color relationships, then you miss the point.” - Mark Rothko