Around the Mulberry Bush

I gather a lot of folks have never actually seen one of these but have probably heard a song about them when they were kids. These are mulberries and they grow on a tree as opposed to a bush. Most of the time the birds and other small animals seem to get to these before we can pick them. At least that's what I thought. Now I think most of them end up falling to the ground with a mild wind and get disregarding by people. The wildlife aren't that picky obviously. So, there's a trick to getting these sweet, juicy, slightly tart berries. Pick them off the ground. Shake the branches and swipe 'em up. Check for bugs first of course then take them inside and give them a good wash to get rid of traces of dirt and whispy cottonwood fliers (that's the little fuzzy thing in the picture). They are completely delicious and I can't get the two year old to stop gobbling up.