A Note to Our Inner Critics

If you're an artist of any kind you're probably very familiar with your inner critic. Some mornings that obnoxious alter ego throws a spoonful of self doubt into your coffee along with the cream and suddenly you're convinced everyone else out there has it all figured out. Whatever "it all" is because, according to your inner critic, you don't really know. So you throw your hands up and pout and see what's on TV.

Oh we've all been there. I have trash bins full of wadded up paper and more than one empty bag of Oreos to prove it. But I'm here to part with a dirty little secret. All of those other folks are prone to the same self doubt. Their inner critic kicks their butt from time to time also.The ones who tell that awful voice inside their heads to be quiet are the ones that keep working and making and creating.

And that's what really matters. Keep going. Keep making art. And do it your way - the only way you can do it successfully. 

You are the trend setter and the style maker. You are the honest to goodness driving force behind the art. It doesn't matter if mid-century vintage is "the thing" at the moment. What matters is how you're inspired by what's out there and how you take it and run with it like only you can. Just draw stuff a lot. Just make what you want to make. And see what amazing things can happen.

♥ Lisa