"Milk Glass" Vases on a Recycled Dime

I have always loved milk glass for it's smooth and creamy look and feel and how gorgeous it seems to look when paired with just about everything. The problem is that milk glass is extremely collectible and therefore can be pricey. The two tutorials above solve that dilemma nicely. Now excuse me a sec while I run to purchase a few bottles of white spray paint. ☺

♥ Lisa

What to Do With All Those Old Style Light Bulbs

I can't imagine where this wouldn't look simply gorgeous but I couldn't help but think about the dangers of trying to open up and hollow out a light bulb. And then I found this and everything was explained. Now I've added this wonderful project to my entirely too long list of things I would like to one day accomplish. ☺

♥ Lisa

Oddly Enough, I Absolutely Love Lace

It's true. I think it has something to do with being hopelessly romantic. I think lace curtains are a must have wherever possible. So I am completely enamored with these lacey globes and I would love to make a bunch of them to hang... well I'm not sure where, but I'd find a good place where I could sit and enjoy them by soft candle light and sweet-smelling fresh flowers. Bliss. I'm following it. Check here for and here for image sources and more.

♥ Lisa

OMG! No Sew One Step Wrap

I know I want one. (I've got that scarf fetish, remember? It also extends to wraps.) I know you want one. This is one of the coolest, most versatile no-sew ideas I've ever seen. I am now on the hunt for the perfect square yard of jersey fabric (or something that won't unravel easily) to cut a couple of arm holes in. Source.

♥ Lisa

"Choose To Be Optimisitc, It Feels Better" - The Dalai Lama

'Choose To Be Optimisitc, It Feels Better' by AndreasHobbyStudio

Optimism - 8x10 Ph...

The Optimists Kite ...

Be A Joy Magnet Tod...

The Pen of Optimism...

Just Breathe - 8 x ...

Enjoy The Ride. Hom...

A Good Year - Origi...

Joy Division. A ban...

Elephant with Green...

You make me happy w...

Sterling Silver Hap...

Spot the Happy Houn...

Happy Frog

New Kanji Titanium ...

Some Pursue Happine...

Create Happiness 6 ...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Oh So Cleverly Titled Treasury Feature

'John Cougar MelonCanteloupe' by shavingkitsuppplies

Fiddlehead hand pri...

Red Ribbon, sewn pa...

Grunge Bicycle - 8 ...

Tillandsia Air plan...

The Eighties - 8 x ...

Dutch CANAL HUIS ro...

Seine Dress

Hello, Stranger, 8x...

The Parlor Pendants...

The Misty Sea - 16...

Garden Melodies Ori...


Orchids- FOUR set o...

cockroach bowls

Epicurean Delight C...

Leaf Silhouette Fre...

I Heart These Like My Dog Loves Pizza

My dog seriously loves pizza. I imagine all dogs really like pizza, but mine goes above and beyond to steal it whenever our backs are turned. He's just tall enough to reach the counter top and will pull an entire delivery box onto his head to get what's inside. He'd gorge himself on the entire pie until he was sick and shaking if we let him. I like to leave the empty box sitting around and watch the disappointment play on his face when he pulls it down and finds nothing but greasy bakery paper inside. He's too chubs anyway.

Anyway, I love these bags and I've had my eye on that top one for some time now. It's the cutest little thing and I just imagine it's super soft and comfy to carry. I love it so much, I'm feeling a little anxious to show it to you. It's mine! ☺

Esther & Estella of Star Bags do some seriously amazing work. All of their bags have real character and originality. I secretly want to compulsively horde each and every one of them. Check them out for yourself!

♥ Lisa

Making a Little Scrapbook Out of a CD Holder

I have some awesome ideas to add to this using hand-drawn images, mini paintings, concert tickets, little love notes, and other miscellaneous ephemera and trinkets. This just might make the cut and become my Valentines Day gift next year. Shh... don't tell the hubs. Find instructions to make your own here.

♥ Lisa

Teach Your Little Ones About the Moon with Yummy Oreo Cookies

Oh my goodness! I just love this idea. It helps that I also have a very intimate relationship with Oreos. ☺ Get all the info you need to make Oreos fun, educational, and delicious here.

♥ Lisa

DIY Winter Solstice in July with Macaroni Art

I know it's super early, but these are just too stinkin' cute. I can't wait to make these with the little ones and hang them all over the house. Below are some directions from the TLC website. Check it out and have maybe you can have some Winter Solstice fun in July.

♥ Lisa
Pasta Snowflakes Christmas Food Craft

What you'll need:

Coffee can
Waxed paper
Several kinds of dry pasta (wagon wheels, corkscrew, mostaccioli, spaghetti, elbow macaroni, bow ties, shell macaroni, ditali)
Spray paint
Ribbon or dental floss

To make Pasta Snowflakes:

  1. Trace around the bottom of a coffee can to make a circle on paper.
  2. Use a ruler to make lines across the circle, so that it looks like a pie cut into 8 pieces. This will be your pattern.
  3. Put a piece of waxed paper over the pattern, and lay pieces of pasta on top of the waxed paper so that they are all touching. Use the circle and lines you drew to help keep the pattern symmetrical.
  4. When you have a design you like, use a toothpick to dab glue between the pasta.
  5. After the pasta is glued together, slide the waxed paper to one side and let the glue dry while you make more snowflakes.
  6. When the glue is dry, remove the waxed paper and have an adult help you spray paint the ornaments.
Your snowflakes will be fragile, but if they break, you can glue them back together. You can hang your snowflakes with ribbon or dental floss.

Great Ideas for Creating Functional Home Designs With Wooden Pallets

Aren't these some really great ideas? I have a few old pallets just lying about the garage that I would love to see if I could put them to good use. I especially love the pictures idea. Click here for these ideas and more.

♥ Lisa