Storytellers Artist Interview Feature

I'm thrilled to have been asked to do a Storytellers interview for A Picture Book Life (blog/website of talented artist/writer Sadee Schilling). Sadee has put together an amazing piece that quite literally gave me goosebumps the first time I read it. Read a snippet below and continue on to A Picture Book Life to read the rest. 
"While perhaps it would be more empowering to say I learned to believe in myself all by my lonesome, the truth is it took someone else truly and completely believing in me for it to actually sink in," admits Lisa.  "The missing piece I needed to believe that I was an artist, was that ability to believe in myself. I was finally able to do that only after I met my soul mate. Cheesy right? Well, it turns out that cheesy can beget happy."

And "happy" is the exact word that probably comes to mind when you see Lisa's artwork.  Because love is at the center of Lisa's story, her art is all about the same sweet stuff--"life, love, >

Read more of this awesome piece of writing by Sadee Schilling by visiting her blog-website here.