One Dog Night: Yet Another Jewelry Preview

These are the colors and patterns for the new winter 2011 jewelry line from Mona & Blackbird. As you can see, it's called "One Dog Night".
"According to some scholars, the expression comes from Down Under. Cowboys spend a lot of their time outdoors looking after animals. During cold winter nights when the temperature dips, the men often cuddle up with their dogs to keep warm. When it is slightly cold, they need the body heat of only one animal to keep warm; such a night is referred to as `one dog night'." [source]
Colors from left to right: 1. Hide Light 2. Hide Dark 3. Aurora Aura 4. Between Dreams 5. Midnight Iris

This collection will be paired with handmade (by me) soft felt beads and perhaps even some faux fur or faux shearling pieces along with shiny metal and cool colored ceramic beads. I'm hoping to mix in lots of textures into the designs.

I'm super excited about this new venture (as you can probably tell) and can't wait to get everything ready to launch. As always, I'd love to hear your comments, feedback, and hellos.

♥ Lisa