Important Little Framing Tip

When buying a commercial frame with a pre-cut mat you might find that your mat 'cuts' off some of your print image. What's happened here is that the mat that came with your frame has been cut to have a window smaller than 8x10 inches so that you don't have to line up your print as accurately when placing it in the frame. For this little 'convenience', you actually lose about an inch of your art.
Note the way the type is cut in the image above. I guarantee those mats are not cut with window dimensions of 8x10 inches. 
But, there is one major problem with this logic. Many pieces of art are composed using the entire space, counting on the white border of the print to accommodate any framing needs. My suggestion: either have your frame custom cut to have a window of exactly the dimensions of your print or bring a tape measure with your so you can make sure everything is the right size. I've found store bought frames with included mats that were cut correctly and others that were way too small. It's better to double check before you get it all home. Also, be sure to bring your art with you when you go frame shopping.

Some prints have more 'negative' space in the composition than others, so most often you don't have to worry too much about this little detail. Be sure to also check the links above for all of your framing needs. And remember, I don't mind comments, emails, etc. if you have questions or concerns that I might be able to help with.

♥ Lisa