Make Art, Be Compassionate, Give Back

Last week was a busy week for me with art making and the four lovely prints above are the result. I am really fond of them for many reasons. Mostly, I find them touching and emotional little portraits that convey something tender and timeless. They make me feel compassion, sadness, and joy all in the same instant.

Since I was thinking about these emotions and relationships both big and small, I silently decided something that I think is very important:

I want to give back. It's important to me to contribute to my world and to help where I can.

So, every month I am donating a percentage of the sales from my shop to a different charitable organization. That should add up to at least 12 contributions a year to some great charities. Check out the Giving Back page to learn about this month's charity and to stay updated with all future charities.

♥ Lisa