A Pom Pom Scarf Would be the Coolest

I admit it. I have a scarf fetish. I make them whenever I have the chance, which usually means busting out the crochet hooks. I've also been known to braid interesting fibers into skinny scarves and lately I've even been playing with t-shirt scarves. It's a weird addiction. I have at least six scarves that I made hanging from the curtain rod in my studio. There are two more that are store bought tied to my studio chair.

So, as soon as I hunt down a smidgen of spare time, I'm forking up a bunch of poms, stringing them together, and sporting a funky new scarf. So glad I still have a few months before autumn.

What would you guys do with an unlimited supply of pom poms? Am I the only one who immediately thinks scarf? I know there are other neck-warming addicts out there.

♥ Lisa

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