I Heart These Like My Dog Loves Pizza

My dog seriously loves pizza. I imagine all dogs really like pizza, but mine goes above and beyond to steal it whenever our backs are turned. He's just tall enough to reach the counter top and will pull an entire delivery box onto his head to get what's inside. He'd gorge himself on the entire pie until he was sick and shaking if we let him. I like to leave the empty box sitting around and watch the disappointment play on his face when he pulls it down and finds nothing but greasy bakery paper inside. He's too chubs anyway.

Anyway, I love these bags and I've had my eye on that top one for some time now. It's the cutest little thing and I just imagine it's super soft and comfy to carry. I love it so much, I'm feeling a little anxious to show it to you. It's mine! ☺

Esther & Estella of Star Bags do some seriously amazing work. All of their bags have real character and originality. I secretly want to compulsively horde each and every one of them. Check them out for yourself!

♥ Lisa