Art for Dreamers

"Those who lose dreaming are lost." - Australian Aboriginal Proverb
"Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power..." - H.F. Hedge
"I challenge you to be dreamers; I challenge you to be doers and let us make the greatest place in the world even better." - Brian Schweitzer

I like words. I mean, I really like them. I don't know how to explain why and I don't suppose it actually matters, but I tend to make this appreciation for verbage part of my art making.

For Dreamers is an original typography print from what I am beginning to call my "Little Known Proverbs" series. I've intentionally created this to look a bit like a retro photo with dust and a "through the viewfinder" style border.

It would make the perfect addition to any room, especially a studio or whatever you call your creative space. I'm thinking of putting one of these in a nice frame in my bathroom. I do a lot of good thinking in there. What? My Granny used to have a copy of "How Do I Love Thee" in her bathroom. :D

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