Project Riceflower

I'm currently working on an entire collection of art items (prints, t-shirts, tea towels, coasters, jewelry, etc.) based on the "rice" design seen in these prints. There will be a few other patterns and designs as well - all fitting into the theme of rice flowers - yes, rice has flowers. So I'm kind of obsessed with this idea at the moment and enjoying every minute of it.

When I'm satisfied with this collection and bored with rice flowers, my plan is to move on to "Project Tigerblood".  ;D Or maybe I should work on that one first before Charlie burns out and everyone forgets about him and his original terminology. Oh the dilemmas.

UPDATE: Due to constant inspiration in other areas, I am now thinking about photographs and fuzzy jewelry as well. I also want to make all those things above as well. One day... oh yes... one day.