Original Cityscapes

Paint has been flying around the studio these days as I've been figuring out how I'd like to compose these new original cityscapes based on the bestselling series of prints.

I've often been asked if the cityscapes come in bigger sizes. I'm working towards some new equipment that can achieve that eventually and I've also considering, block printing and screen printing them (my favorite idea). But for now, original paintings on canvas seem to be the perfect solution.

So far, they're coming out graphic like the prints and bright - which is good - but I think I would like to add some more raw elements, perhaps more handmade type, more of the tea-stained look, (it's in there on this one, picking up the texture of the canvas) and lines that are less refined. I want them to evoke something more than just a fondness for a place and "ooh pretty colors".

I'll try to get some in-studio pics as these evolve. It might be fun to see how the first one compares to all of the ones that come after - especially when I decide that it's time to stop holding back. ;)

Original Chicago No.1 12x16 Acrylic Painting on Canvas