Hug a Baby Goat

If you ask my husband he'll say I love the weird sounds of animals, very specifically the often bizarre screams of goats. I've spent more than too much time laughing hysterically to the point of teary eyes over this phenomenon but that's not why I want a goat (or two or three).

Ever since we moved into this house with its acre and a half of lawn to mow, I've dreamed of goats. Not in a creepy Silence of the Lambs sort of way. Think of it more as a sweet cuddling a baby goat kind of way. Honestly, how could you not love a baby goat with their tufty little horns and sleepy little faces? Seriously. Visit a petting zoo as soon as humanly possible and love on an infant goat.  You'll get what I'm saying in about a minute of getting in the middle of some snuggly goat lovin'.

Anyway, I've been watching this show lately and I absolutely love Farmer John. He gets so emotional over his goats that I can't help but think he is quite possibly one of the sweetest men on the planet. He might be kind of a goat hoarder, but I can't say I blame him (re: baby goat love). I'm just glad that he was able to partner up with the Boys Beekman and find a good home for his goats instead of winding up on this show.

So I say yay for Farmer John and hope that he continues to be goatfully blessed. And maybe one day I'll be able to get that goat I'm dreaming of.

Image credits: gorgeous baby goats, farmer john