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Lisa Barbero Art Prints

Art prints by Lisa Barbero. PHOTO BY JESSE HANUS
"When life gives you lemons... slice those suckers up and find some tequila." That's one of the quirky phrases you'll find on handmade art prints by Lisa Barbero. Another, "Make love... and bake cookies," is a playful way to say happy holidays to your favorite baker. Her prints range from $12 to $18.

Barbero's art is light, cheerful, and fun, and she knows why. Cliche as it may sound, who can argue with a story like hers: "I fell in love and my art became what I wanted it to be," she says.

After being on Etsy only a few weeks, Etsy's blog ( featured Barbero's prints. Now she makes a sale nearly every day and has been contacted to illustrate books and web banners. Forget the tequila; sounds like she found herself a glass of lemonade. For more about Barbero and her work visit

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