Live Happy, Love Forever

"Takeout for Two" has now become "Live Happy, Love Forever". The message of this series was inspired by the tendency to forget just how wonderful our lives can be when we're caught up in the day to day routines we are forced to participate in so that we can afford our mortgages and make our car payments. The main point is that love and happiness should be our top priorities.

Personally, I love the design and the kind of minimalist use of color. There is lots of white due to the takeout containers and lanterns. I also love the use of texture, making these prints look almost aged and certainly loved. The text on the cookies looks authentic, which is the ultimate in finishing touches. Okay, I've gushed about them. What do you think? Check out the pics below for a few of the various color schemes and click over to the shop to see them all.

Live Happy, Love Forever No.7 By Lisa Barbero 2010
Live Happy, Love Forever No.10 by Lisa Barbero 2010
Love Happy, Live Forever No.13 by Lisa Barbero 2010