The Art of Simple Living

All Things Simple by Lisa Barbero 2010
Even before the recent recession came into play, people were attempting to simplify their lives and get back to basics. We’re buying smaller houses, more economical vehicles, and saving more money in general. Are we in panic mode? I don’t think so. I think American consumerism has had its day and, after decades of excess, people are suddenly realizing what’s really important.

Simple Living means different things to different people. Dave Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge is perhaps a more extreme version of the simple life. For some, dwindling their lives down to 100 possessions may equal a Spartan-like simplicity. For others, it may make life even more complicated than it needs to be.

In my opinion, the main point of Simple Living is to make life as convenient (thus simple) as possible while ridding ourselves of materialism along the way. For me, Simple Living means low (to no) stress and lots of what's really important.

Because I think art is important, I believe in providing affordable solutions for collecting original art. I also believe in an uncluttered home. Displaying things that make me happy on my walls leaves the floors of my home free and open. I never seem to feel as if owning art equals clutter or excessive possessions. Art adds color and beauty to my life that I find inspiring. And thanks to marketplaces like Etsy, I can afford to collect unique pieces from all over the world. 

Stay tuned for my favorite ways to display art and other affordable artistic solutions in future posts.