Resin Experiment

Today was the first time I have ever tried to use resin. I decided that I wanted to coat the items from the upcoming wearable art stuff that I've been working on. I will say that I was very nervous at first. Mostly because I didn't want to ruin anything and because resin can be pretty toxic.

Needless to say the first thing I coated was a little messy. But once I understood how the resin moved and the surface tension of it, I feel like a pro. Well almost. And I also found it really enjoyable to burn out the air bubbles with my little butane torch. There's something satisfying about watching them pop. :)

Since I am no good at writing tutorials myself, check out the link below to learn more about resin coating. It's for making a scrabble tile pendant, but I gather the process is the same for just about anything. It helped me figure things out and my first try was pretty successful. Well, hopefully. The pieces still need to dry.

How to Make a Gorgeous Scrabble Tile Pendant with Annie Howes